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At seven years old my world went dark and no light has touched me since. Left alone in a world I didn't fit into any longer, I struggle with my blindness daily. Despite the darkness that shrouds me I see light in one place, with one person. He has no idea how much his light has given me. Until one fateful January night when I confessed my feelings for him, only to be instantly crushed. Now darkness surrounds me once again...




At 21, I met the most amazing resilient girl, she was going to prove to everyone that her disability didn't own her. At 25. I watched in fascination as she became an incredible young lady; much too young for me. At 31, I wished that would see me I was beginning to see her; beautiful, determined, and independent. All those dreams changed in a handful of cruel words. Now at 33, all I prayed for was a second chance to fix my mistakes...



Being a southern debutante isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. My life has been a orchestrated road map. I’ve gone to the best schools, had every opportunity a wealthy child can experience, right down to having been escorted to many red carpet galas like a prized longhorn steer. For years, I have been seen as nothing more than arm candy, and in doing so I’ve built walls of reinforced steel around my heart. Not allowing anyone in, until him. One look from his cocky smile and I knew I was in trouble, one stolen kiss in heat of the night and I was on fire, and one unexpected gift shattered us into a million pieces.


All my life I’ve held onto 3 simple rules, no commitments, no dating anyone under 45 years old, and absolutely no children. I have no time or desire to be anyone’s father figure. My lack of example has reaffirmed that belief. These rules have been my modius operandi until her. With her perfect smile and sassy attitude she makes me question my rules. That is until my greatest fear becomes our greatest reality and one challenge I didn’t expect to have to come to terms with. In a single moment I shatter us both. Broken and alone I wonder if this is the life I truly want, or is it time to finally let my past go and prove to Raelyn that I’ve had a change of heart?



How did this happen? One moment she's my best friend, and the next I'm stealing glances from her beautiful blue eyes and craving to see a spark in them for me. We've been best friends all our lives, we've always been there for one another, until one afternoon when I failed to see the significance in her confession. When her life hangs by a thread I finally see what she is to me. Now I'm on a mission to show her she isn't alone, that she's my everything.


They say the truth will set you free. I call bullshit. I sat here and told her I loved her a little over a year ago, and she giggled and told me she loved me too, as she walked out the door with someone else. In that moment I knew I had to leave. I couldn't watch her fall for someone who wasn't me. Now I'm back and everything has changed. She's looking at me through new eyes, whispering the words I've longed to hear for so long, but memories of that afternoon keep me guarded. Can I trust her not to break my heart again?


For years I've watched these two women grow into the beauties that they are, having a fierce attraction to each of them knowing that it could never be. I could never choose, which one to give my heart to. So because of that reasoning I've accepted the life of a forever bachelor. Until I witness a private moment not intended for anyone's eyes, and now my dreams just might be within reach if I'm willing to take a chance.



Trouble faces us at each and every turn we make, and yet we desperately cling onto what some may call our forbidden love. As our love continues to grow and blossom so does the threats from our pasts, each of us is carrying a secret that we aren’t sure we can survive. Will the love that we are building be strong enough to withstand the monsters lurking in the shadows, or am I doomed to spend the rest of my life looking at what could have been?


Uncertainty fills our hearts. Our flourishing love is being tested daily: secrets and pain are revealed with every step we make. Yet, somehow we keep going forward, until we no longer can. With heartbreak, fear, and judgment surrounding us in a world not yet ready for our family, are we brave enough to chase our forever, together?


Secrets, lies, and betrayal are the elements that surround our new love like a nebulous cloud, and yet in the midst of all this a spark of hope ignites. Guards are dropped and feelings are revealed lighting the way to something totally unexpected. But what happens when multiple lives hang in the balance of love and trust?

Will they be able to trust in their new love to have the ability to weather the storm? Or will outside forces rip the triad apart before they have a chance to claim their forever?

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