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After six years of radio silence I’m summoned home by none other than my father. Only when I finally show up he’s nowhere in sight and apparently his new wife has hit the road as well. Oops, I guess my invite got lost in the mail.

Oh well, thanks to a opportune twist of fate at least I have something to keep me busy until I return to Florida after the holidays. The sheriff that I’ve long since had a crush on is now seeing me in a whole new light. One that promises to jingle bell rock our quiet conservative town this holiday season.


When my best friend asked his daughter to come home I had no idea that she’d become the biggest test of my mettle. Gone are the days of pig-tails and braces. Now I’m faced with a stunning woman who captivates my imagination in more ways than one… but there’s just one thing standing in between us that makes what we’re doing so wrong.

Her father… my best friend.

They say if you close your eyes and wish on a shooting star that your dreams could come true, but what happens when you steal kisses under the mistletoe?

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Years ago I was the happiest woman on the face of the planet, and then fate intervened and left me hallow and alone. Now all I live for is my children and granddaughter.

Until I saw him standing across the room.

They say that true love only comes once in a lifetime, but Christmas is a time for miracles, for love, right?


True love is something I’ve always heard about, but never believed in. After all the failed relationships I’ve been in, who could blame me? I’ve learned the hard way love is an illusion. It’s not real.

Until it was.

Now I’ll do anything to show my angel that love knows no boundaries…

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